Angel Oak Tree draped in Spanish moss waits for the return of warmer weather.

Everything You Need to Know About the Angel Oak Tree

The rich history of Charleston, South Carolina, is apparent around every corner. Cobblestone streets and Queen Anne style homes make themselves known to all who pass by. However, you can also find deep history in the most subtle of places. Visit the Angel Oak Tree to explore the site’s understated yet deep historical roots. This iconic attraction draws both tourists and locals to marvel at the long-standing branches of this remarkable tree. If you want to dive further into the Charlestonian culture, use our Destination Guide for an itinerary filled with every excursion, restaurant, and event you need to see during your stay.

Explore the Iconic Angel Oak Tree

Some Fun Facts

The Angel Oak happens to be one of the oldest trees east of the Mississippi River. The exact age of the tree is up for debate, but many estimate it to be around 15,000 years old! Its strong branches have miraculously survived everything from floods to a category five hurricane.

The tree isn’t actually all that tall, standing at 65-feet high. However, Angel Oak’s winding and spiraling branches span a massive diameter of about 160-feet, providing shade to nearly 17,000 square feet of the land below.

The Historical Significance

The Angel Oak has been considered a sacred location for many years. Civil Rights activist Septima Clark, along with many African American families, would picnic and find solace under the comfort of its’ wide limbs during times of segregation.

Later on, in 1991, the City of Charleston acquired the property from original owners Martha and Justis Angel, after whom the tree is named. When this occurred, there was a possibility that the surrounding forest would be torn down for new development. Arborists and locals alike rose up in protest to preserve the natural surroundings that are essential to the tree’s survival.

So many public and private organizations, as well as individual donors, came together to gain a land grant ensuring the preservation of the property. Then, in 2014, ground-breaking construction began to build a public park and trail, making it an even more stunning destination for a day trip in Charleston.

An Amazing Venue

The combination of the elegant tree and mature greenery make for a popular venue for events. From professional photography shoots to weddings, the Angel Oak provides a unique backdrop for any occasion. If you’re looking for the perfect reception space after your event, the Andell Inn provides gorgeous event spaces to continue your celebration. And if you’re visiting the Angel Oak as a romantic outing, top off the day with a Romantic Escape Package to treat you and your partner to the ultimate day of romance.

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