the various stations and vendors at the Kiawah Island Farmers Market

A Summertime Favorite: the Kiawah Island Farmers Market

Many travelers head to Kiawah Island in pursuit of well-deserved time on the shoreline, soaking up the sun, or making the most of time in the waves. While this lovely, inviting, and exciting destination certainly has all of that to offer, it’s also a place where those looking to browse local goods can enjoy some time at a one-of-a-kind farmers market while they’re here. The Kiawah Island farmers market is a popular and family-friendly event in Freshfields Village that brings locals and visitors together alike to celebrate regionally sourced products, produce, handcrafted goods, and beyond in good company. It’s definitely a stop worth adding to your itinerary the next time travel plans bring you in this direction.

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Market Specifics

The Kiawah Island farmers market is held throughout June, July, and August each year exclusively on Mondays. Other necessary details include:

Directions to the Kiawah Island Farmers Market

Whether you come for an hour or spend the entire time browsing the products available at the farmers market, it’s an experience that will inspire you! Freshfields Village is a welcoming and unique Lowcountry destination designed to be a charming gathering place for those visiting Kiawah Island and those who call it home year-round. It’s also a place often visited by Johns Island travelers and residents when the farmers market is on. Freshfields Village is also just a 40-minute drive from downtown Charleston and a destination that’s loved for its friendly energy, options for fun, and amazing views.

What You’ll Find at the Farmers Market

The Kiawah Island Farmers Market at Freshfields Village is a place where those browsing vendor stands can find everything from local food products and organic produce to Lowcountry crafts that commemorate your stay in a unique style! Some of the most popular vendors, include:

1. Mary Ann’s Sweet Grass Baskets

What to purchase: One of the signature hand-woven baskets that are durable, unique, and designed using techniques that have been passed down from one generation to the next.

2. The Charleston Spice Company

What to purchase: Delightful spices to complement any meal with Lowcountry flair and lavors from across the globe!

3. Joseph Field Farms

What to purchase: Local vegetables, such as the tomatoes shown above, and fruits to browse from Johns Island.

4. The Cookie Chick

What to purchase: Oatmeal cookies and dark chocolate creations that are just waiting to be enjoyed.

5. Lowcountry Lemonade

What to purchase: Freshly made lemonade from the stand for a refreshing moment or two.

6. Southern Naturals

What to purchase: Handmade and all-natural skincare products.

7. Rio Bertolini’s Fresh Pasta

What to purchase: Their homemade ingredients to put together the perfect Italian dish.

8. Other Favorites:

  • Botany Bay Sea Salt
  • Lowcountry Olive Oil
  • Nanna’s Nuts
  • The Charleston Crepe Company.

The options are vast, varied, and endlessly appealing!

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