Baby Loggerhead Sea Turtle Tracks

Tranquility and turtles, who could want more? Loggerhead Sea Turtles are a Lowcountry must-see!  

Are you planning a trip to Kiawah Island? Be sure to be on the lookout for Kiawah Island Loggerhead Sea Turtles! These incredible creatures are an essential part of Lowcountry wildlife, and they give visitors a first-hand look into the life of these animals. If you’re looking for a genuinely authentic Kiawah Island adventure, this is one that you are sure to remember!   

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Kiawah Island Loggerheads and Where To Be on the Lookout!

Lowcountry Loggerheads  

Baby Sea Turtle

Loggerhead Sea Turtles are an amazing species that have been swimming in the South Carolina waters for millions of years. From the moment they are born, these turtles live extraordinary lives, growing from just inches in size to weighing as much as 350 pounds when they are adults! Loggerhead Turtles travel hundreds and even thousands of miles of open ocean in their lifetime before returning to the same beach where they were born decades before!   

Hatching Season  

When Kiawah Island Sea Turtles return to the beaches, they lay their eggs in a unique way. Females crawl ashore at night and dig their nests in the ground. The eggs are put there, and when they hatch, the newborn turtles return to the ocean to begin the process all over again. Nests are found on all South Carolina beaches, but here on Kiawah Island, our ten-mile beach is home to many nests.  

Turtle Patrol

You heard that right! The Kiawah Island community has a turtle patrol. This group of dedicated volunteers is tasked with accounting for Loggerhead nests and monitoring them. This work is done to ensure these amazing creatures are here for generations to come. This group has made a significant impact on sea turtle numbers. The number of nests has steadily increased since 2000. If you’re walking along the beach and see a numbered post, you’ve found a sea turtle nest! Even though this is a fantastic discovery, don’t disturb the nest. The mothers have worked extremely hard to protect their baby turtles.   

Sea Turtle nest.

The Top Turtle Experience   

Visitors are welcome to watch or participate in the hatching process of the Kiawah Island Sea Turtles. To find your next wildlife viewing experience, here is a detailed map of the island and the best spots. The blue markers indicate different viewing areas and have details of the animals found there! The Loggerhead viewing areas can be found on the beach. Visitors are also welcome to join the Turtle Patrol as they walk the beach and interact with the turtles. Be on the lookout for the patrol members in their purple shirts!   

After Experiencing Lowcountry Wildlife, Nestle up at the Andell Inn

Kiawah Island is a sanctuary for wildlife and our visitors. Our Inn, located in the Freshfields Village, is the perfect spot to relax, rejuvenate, and have all the island favorites at your fingertips. Walk the village and find your new favorite lunch spot at one of the many restaurants, shop at the local stores, or take a scenic walk to the beach! All of this and more are located just steps away from our Inn. Find your accommodation and explore our amenities. No matter what you’re looking for in a beach escape, Kiawah Island and Andell Inn are sure to please.

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